"Jared, Thanks for making the 325i available to my brother and his wife to check out on my behalf. You made such a good impression on him, and on myself as well. Thanks again!"

H. Zeller

BMW 325i

"Gentlemen, I received the paperwork and registered the car yesterday. I cleaned it and waxed it. It did clean up very nicely just as Derek said. I drove it to work this morning and just wanted to say thank you, I am very pleased. I have been looking for this particular car with these options for some time. Thanks"

David L.


"Fair price, clean vehicle, friendly and courteous staff, not high pressure. Vehicle was as described on line and as shown in photos. Would purchase another vehicle from this dealership."

D. Monaghan

Mitsubishi Eclipse

"Dear Jared and Derek, Karen and I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for your assistance in purchasing our Audi TT. What a beautiful facility you have and the caring people make the buying experience even more enjoyable. No pressure is another wonderful feature of your operation. We expect many years of enjoyment with our Audi TT and truly appreciate the efforts you went through to make the car look and run like new. We also truly appreciate that you can service the car and do so at a reduced rate. What more can we say. You run a first rate operation."

Mark & Karen R.

Audi TT

"I have nothing but good things to say about you guys! We bought our Acura MDX from you almost 5 yrs ago and its been a gem. Haven't had a single problem. Ill be looking forward to our next transaction with you when we purchase another vehicle."

G. Kemp

Acura MDX

"Great service! This was my first visit to Specialties Auto. I was impressed by the professionalism and the efficient service! I didn't get that uneasy feeling that I usually get at other service places. I knew that my car was in good care and that I wasn't being ripped off. Even though I live in Salt Lake, their commitment to customer service is definitely worth the drive! "


Mercedes-Benz SL500

"Thanks Derek, You have made what some would describe as a risky transaction (site unseen, from out of state) an easy process. I appreciate your help. I will be buying another car next year and wouldn't be afraid to buy from you again. Have a good day. "

Roger R.

Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible

"Jared, Thanks for the excellent care and paying attention to the details as I have purchased my Volvo from you. Loaning me transportation today is really going the extra mile and I very much appreciate it. It makes it so there is very little interruption in my work day. I know that the car is what it is represented to be. You can’t always count on that. You and your staff are the best at what you do and it hasn’t been wasted on me. You can bet that have and will continue to spread the word. I wish you continued success with your business and in your personal life. "

Dan Springer

Volvo S80

"Thank you so much for calling to let me know that you had just the vehicle I was going to own. I love my BMW 328xi. The red exterior has certainly grown on me. Apparently, I can own something other than silver. We'll see you for all the services and detailing. Thanks again! "

Elizabeth A.

BMW 328xi

"Thank You! I simply couldn't be more pleased with my experiences at Specialties Auto Group. I bought a little Audi from them a few years ago. It was so cute, not expensive, but a dream car of sorts for this single mother from out of state. The no nonsense, no games, candidness (about Audis), and personal style of business was just so refreshing. You can tell that the owner and his guys love cars, they love what they do, and aren't about to sell their souls down river to make a quick buck. I drive quite a ways from home to get my car serviced at Specialties. Their mechanics are awesome! It recently needed a pretty extensive repair. I didn't like hearing the bad news, but appreciated the candor. When they called to tell me that they had leaned on my warranty company to get part of the repair covered, it was like Christmas had come days early! I'm back on the road, happy, and for a fraction of what I was quoted everywhere else. Thank you guys, you'll see more of me. "

Heather H.

Audi TT Quattro Roadster

"These guys are totally awesome to do business with. They are very helpful and understandable. They have an amazing selection of high end cars. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle or if you need service."

Eric Portillo


"Right car-right price plus best service! We hunted for a car from Provo to Ogden with a very specific list of requirements and Specialties had the only vehicle that not only met our list but surpassed our expectations. We also met 30+ dealers and Specialties has the most knowledgeable and pleasant sales staff. This is the only place to go for an honest deal and a gorgeous car. Go here first before any other dealer in town. "

Laura A.

Volvo S60 R

"This Xterra is awesome! If you need a good used automobile I suggest you look these guys up. The staff here is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I couldn't find what I wanted locally in Albuquerque and it was worth the trip to Utah to get just the right vehicle I was searching for."

Gene Easley

Nissan Xterra

"Jared: Thanks for taking time to meet with us yesterday and to allow us to test drive so many vehicles. I will stay in touch with you. Again, I appreciated your assistance and I would refer you in a heartbeat to others. "

Dave G.

Land Rover LR2

"I was referred to Specialties Auto by a friend here in town. He has purchased a couple of cars from their original Bountiful location, has known the owner for years, and assured me that these guys were as straight forward, knowledgeable, and honest as they come. I was so impressed by the inventory, the selection of affordable luxury cars, the facilities, and the clean cut, bilingual return-missionaries working there. I appreciated the relaxed and friendly, no-pressure sales environment. The Audi I bought was the cleanest one I have seen, and the price was exceptionally fair. Overall, I couldn't be happier. I look forward to having our foreign cars serviced at Specialties Auto. It sure beats driving to SLC!"


Ivins, UT
Audi A8L

While searching for a car I ran across this dealership all the way in Las Vegas. I met a very cool young gentleman by the name of Chase. I told him what I was looking for and he gave me a quick run down of the inventory and politely asked me did I want to seek a pre-approval. We chatted somewhat back n forth and we quickly built a solid phone relationship. I never once felt as if i was being sold, he almost felt like a little brother because his personality was so upbeat and positive. He called me back shortly after we spoke and said I have some good news? So I drove from Las Vegas in the middle of a rain storm to the dealership. When we met in person? It was even better than I expected. He had the car nice and clean (even tho it was raining), the 2006 CLS 500 drove like a champ. I even test drove a Porsche 911 as an alternate vehicle. The process was simple, painless and not complex. He was very self explanatory, went over the contract and KaaBaamm! It was done! We personalized during and after the purchase, met another cool kid named T.J that worked at the dealership whom was very hospitable. I have never been to St. George other than passing thru so I feel like I made a couple of friends. Any person or persons whom I know that are seeking a vehicle will be getting recommended to this dealership. GREAT JOB...CHASE and T.J. Both of you are an asset to this company. (I even agreed to take a photo with the vehicle... something I never do is take pictures). LOL..... That's how cool my experience turned out!!!! Sincerely, Happy Customer Brian

B. Cooper

Las Vegas, NV
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

"Jared, I just wanted to thank you for treating my wife with the respect and professionalism that you did. My wife is satisfied with the vehicle and is thank full that you guys made this an easy process for her. I would love to do business with you again. Trust me, there is going to be a time soon when I will be looking for another truck. Not now but in a few years. I also wanted to thank you for supporting Veterans and the Military. It makes me proud to know that you support us and have had service men work for you. 99.9% will always represent where they come from with honor and integrity. Again Jared thank you for making things as simple as possible for my wife, while conducting business. "

Jeff P.

Jeep Commander Limited

"Hi Derek, It was fun to receive an anniversary card reminding us that we have enjoyed that little Lexus for almost a year now! I am so happy that you asked me that simple question: "How many miles do you drive a car per year?" as that got my mind realizing we don't drive much in our old age! We have taken a couple of big trips: one to Oregon coast which was about 2,000 miles and around Idaho for a 1,000 or so. In all, 8,034 miles. A joy! Hopefully we will enjoy the car for a few more years before looking for a newer model, and we will come visit you at that time! Sincerely,"

B. Jensen

Lexus ES

"Hi Derek, I just want to thank you for all your help. It has been a true pleasure working with all of you, and I will be highly recommending Specialties Auto! Thanks Again!"


Jaguar XK

"Brief background. In November of 2008, my brother Joel and I stopped in on our way to watch the Utes pull off a miraculous win against TCU in the blackout game. It worked out pretty well because after dealing with several turd car salesmen in the area, we finally found Jared Thompson! Anyway, the deal went down so smoothly, and the fact is Jared left a good lasting impression on us, I told myself that whenever I am car shopping, I would check there first. So... I checked the inventory online. But maybe there's something out in the detail shop that just hasn't gotten it's stripey carpet shampooing yet or maybe you guys have eyes on just the car for me at the next auction or truck load out of Vegas. You see, two weeks ago, my wife's car was totaled by a hit and run driver. It was a '99 Bonneville. It was perfect for us (since I'm already married it doesn't matter that it sucks for picking up chicks) but it had seatbelts for 6, averaged 28 mpg, plenty of leg and shoulder room (I'm not tiny) and most of all, no car payment. Here's my trust level with Jared, if he says that blah blah blah is the best deal for me then I will KNOW that blah blah blah is in fact the best deal. I don't fall for the crap that the stereotypical used car salesmen try to pull on me between their sips of Crown Royal and puffs on their Camel Lights. Just because I don't fall for their crap, doesn't mean that I want to talk to them. You know the ones, they look like a character out of a 70's porno and wear way too much aqua velva whilst chewing cinnamon dentine because they think it will help to mask their other offensive odors. And after you shake their hand you have to spray down with carb cleaner because you don't know if what just touched you was dippity do from their hair, leftover double double from In and Out Burger, or something from their long trip to the bathroom while you were out on the test drive. "

J. Beck

Acura TL

"I never thought that i could possibly enjoy the car buying experience from a dealer... boy was i wrong. I loved every minute i spent up here. The first encounter I had with them i was actually looking for an Audi A8L and they didn't have any in stock because of the nature of the vehicle I actually didn't buy the car here and had it shipped from PA. I couldn't get the experience i had with them out of my mind and the over whelming customer service they showed. Last year it was time to buy a new car again and i wanted a Porsche 911 and they had just the car for me. JB took incredible care to make sure that everything was in order for the purchase of this vehicle. I enjoyed them so much i have sent numerous friends and family there within the past year that have all had the same experience as i have. My brother purchased a Ford F150, my cousin just bought a 2011 Subaru Outback and I recently purchased a Mercedes CLS500. The shop has been able to perform scheduled maintenance at a fraction of the cost of the competition and been incredibly easy to work with. Their no hassle approach is so inviting i would recommend them to anyone. Even the owner Jared came out and met me when i purchased the vehicle and wasn't the kind of arrogant guy to just sit behind a desk. Buy a car here whether it be euro, domestic or japanese and you won't be disappointed."

J.R. Snow

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

"I just wanted to say thanks for the good feeling we had in your dealership. We love the car! I don’t think it will be the last Cadillac we will own. Our 15 year old daughter thinks it’s the coolest car ever and that her dad is an awesome dad for even considering buying a car like that. I feel we truly got a NICE car for the price and it was worth the drive. All 7 hours of it. Everyone that has seen the car has made comments on it. You were right. We love it’s elegance. I am having trouble putting the front plate on though. I don’t want to mess up the look. I told Colleen that we will just have to keep it in the trunk and if we are ever pulled over for it we will have to talk our way out of it… ? We will be back! My wife made me promise that we wouldn’t wait as long this next time to get another car. We appreciate you not showing the car before we got there. That was very nice of you. Thanks again."

Rob & Coleen

Cadillac STS

"I bought my Honda Civic Hybrid last month from Specialites Automotive. I would just like to say a big 'THANKS' to everyone there - they are the best to work with - Jared, Derek, Bonjean, JB, and Chase. I would always take my previous car to Specialties to get serviced - Nikos provides the BEST service ever...he is pleasant to work with, very helpful, and one of the most honest mechanics that I have run across."

Julie Hardy

Honda Civic Hybrid

"Best dealership out there! I have now purchased two cars from Specialties Auto and have had nothing but great experiences every time I have gone in. All of the employees there are friendly, knowledgable, and honest. Any time I have needed any type of service on my car they are quick to get it in and taken care of. Their shop is awesome! They do anything from maintenance and repairs to professional detailing and they never disappoint. All in all these guys are the best!"

Markie Pace

Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic

"Hey Jared, Finally took the LR3 offroad - it was fantastic! Hung with a Rubicon... Here's a little shot of the "Specialties Automotive" for ya... "


Land Rover LR3 HSE

"Jared, Just thought that I would drop you a line… The Cutler family decided to take our first road trip to California last week. Last time we went, we flew there. This year, however, we figured that since we have the Denali, it would be a experience to drive. Boy was it! We had plenty of room for the boys to stretch out and plenty of room for the luggage. The navigation system got us everywhere we needed, without having to worry! The truck performed great! Anyhow, just thought you might like to know that we are very much enjoying it. Hope all is well with you and the family! Thanks again for your advice and help in getting it! HAVE A GREAT DAY! "

Aaron Cutler

GMC Yukon Denali XL

"I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for our friendship--my parents couldn't be happier. My dad actually cornered me and asked if I had made a deal with you on the side to pay the difference of what the car was worth and what they could afford--he really is thankful for you going above and beyond for them and getting them into a car for far less than what the car could have actually sold for. My mom tells me she has now adopted you as a new son, my sister joked with her saying, "I guess Mike is now the favorite for having hooked you up" and my mom responded, "no, actually--Jared is my favorite son now". This is the nicest car my parents have ever owned (probably their 4th Caddi but all the others were grandma hand me down types). Thank you again for all you do--keep in touch! "

Mike Ross

Cadillac STS

"Jared: A few little issues, but again, I bought it "As Is". Generally all good. Thanks for shooting straight. Boyd was accommodating and efficient. Airport p/u got me in and out FAST. Much appreciated. Next time around, will check w/ you guys first."

B. Morris

Isuzu Rodeo

"Hey Derek, I just want to say thank you for everything and I truly love my car more than anything ... You guys were great to work with and I know if we ever have problems with any of our cars or someone in my family is looking for a new one, then we will come to Specialties Auto. Again thanks for everything and glad to have met a great guy like yourself. "

M. Cooper

Chevrolet Corvette

"Thanks to Jared, JB, and Bonjean for the friendly service and excellent support duing the buying process. For many years I have wanted a Lotus Elise and I finally had the chance to start a serious search. I was lucky enough to be on a business trip to the Southwest several weeks ago and drove up to Salt Lake City from Vegas. Jared and JB were welcoming and I left knowing that this was the car I wanted. I took delivery of my Elise several weeks later and drove it almost 2,000 miles back to South Carolina. My first stop at the In/Out Burger down the street for some road food started the enjoyable process of receiving many admiring comments about the car. People love this little toy!! The Specialties Automotive team is great to work with and I left one happy guy in my dream sports car. Thanks and I will recommend you to my fellow car nuts back here in the east! "

Kip Newton

Lotus Elise

"Gentlemen: I wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation for your assistance and dedication in helping us determine just the right truck for our rather “particular needs.” We have owned a dozen trucks over the years, but never have we had an opportunity to deal with sales professionals as knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely concerned about our interests than you and your colleagues. Our purchase took a few days. Never did we feel as though we couldn’t leave without buying, that the deal was going to evaporate that very day, or doubt whether or not you were working toward the best solution for us. We are so glad that we took your advice and went forward on the truck of your recommendation. Thank you so much. We will undoubtedly be back to see you again. "

George & Jennifer Johnston

Toyota Tundra Limited

" I have to say even though it's only been a few hours we are already in love with the Navigator. This was the easiest, most enjoyable car buying experience we've had to date. I've purchased cars from lesser dealerships in the past which have left me wanting to strangle the finance guy and punch the salesman in the face.... Not so with Specialties and America First Credit Union. Thanks for making it enjoyable. It was almost scary-easy, only not scary. Just easy. Can't wait to buy another one :)"

M. McClellan

Lincoln Navigator

"Jared/Chase: Thank you for the pleasant buying experience with your firm last week. We came in only knowing that we wanted a high end luxury car and what we wanted to spend. Chase was very patient in letting us test drive 8 different vehicles. We were pleased with the relaxed atmosphere and no pressure to buy. We were referred by friends who had a similar positive experience, and we will definitely refer people to you in the future as well. "

Ken & Lesha Kubacki

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

"Working in the auto industry and buying quite a few cars over my driving career I know the pain of buying a car, or so I thought :-) ! The Specialties Automotive Team has been the best and easiest dealer to work with that I've ever come across! Thanks for the easy transaction and the great deal! I highly recommend them! I will by buying from them in the future!"

Luke Nield

2012 Mini Countryman S All4

"Hi Jared, I wanted to let you know that Heather and I were very happy with the way your group treated us yesterday. We were pleasantly surprised that there were no games or strong arm tactics to your staff's sales approach. In regards to our Dodge Caravan trade-in we also wanted to let you know that we are very happy that you worked with us on it and your fairness was a major plus to our experience. We will recommend your Group to our friends and family often and let them know if they want to find a dealership that is fair, friendly and honest you are the one. "

Kenn & Heather S.

Honda Civic Hybrid

"Jared, Thanks for the opportunity to do business with you! The car works great, and the gas mileage is just what I needed. I appreciate what you are doing at Specialties! "

J. Ericksen

Saab 9-3 ARC