Vehicle Detailing



Have your beloved vehicle completely detailed from the inside out by one of our very picky professionals. You and your car will be glad you did!


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Prices listed below are typical for the services provided. Larger vehicles such as pickup trucks, full-size SUVs and high occupancy vans may be subject to an additional surcharge. Vehicles that are exceptionally dirty may also be subject to a surcharge.
Exterior Only--Includes: Paint Cut, Buff & Polish, Wheels, Tire Dressing, and Glass Cleaning Small $105, Mid $120, Large $135
Interior Only--Includes: Shampoo, Scrub Down, Dashboard, Panel & Trim Dressing, Leather Conditioning, and Glass Cleaning Small $105, Mid $120, Large $135
Complete Detail--Includes: (Everything Listed Above) as well as Engine Compartment Steam Cleaning, and Fragrance Small $185, Mid $215, Large $245
Optional Extras--Smoke/Odor Removal, Fabric Guard, Paint Sealant, Spot Wet Sanding, Heavy Contaminate Removal Please Call for Pricing
Boat Detail--Includes: Wash, Scrub, Hard Water Removal, Polish and Wax, Interior Cleaning, Vinyl Cleaning, Wheel Cleaning, Shine and Glass Cleaning $20 per foot - Complete 
$14 per foot - Int. or Ext.